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4 of the Smartest Ways to Spend your Tax Refund on a New or Used Vehicle

  1. Use your money as down payment on a car A substantial Down Payment is one of the most important factors in securing an auto loan or lease. Particularly for shoppers with poor credit using a tax return as a down payment can create finance options that otherwise would be unavailable to them. A $2,000 […]


How much money down?

How much money down? People often ask us “How much money down” or “How much of a down payment do I need?” The answer is always “it depends”. It depends on your credit, how much of a monthly note you can afford, and how much does the car you are looking at cost. There is [...]


Lease or purchase a vehicle?

Should you lease or purchase a vehicle? Lease or Purchase? Purchase Who Owns It Whether you pay for the car with cash, or finance it and make monthly payments, either way it’s yours. Of course, if you’re financing it, you’ll have to meet the obligations the lender requires, like a certain down payment amount and […]